Ketnoi24 is the leading PHP Social Network Script which allows you to start your own social network website, anytime, anywhere!

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Environment: available editions for Windows and Linux

To deploy Ketnoi24 self-hosted version, we recommend using one of the free virtual servers which is preset for optimal operations of product

Virtual Appliance for Windows and Linux

VMware Edition (for Windows and Linux) & Ketnoi24 Environment (RPM) for Linux only

Packages include:

CentOS 7.7 x86_64 operating system, automatically updated
PHP 7.2
MySQL5 with InnoDB support
Easily configurable mail client (msmtp)
Loaders for ionCube Secured Files
Img for VMware® Workstation 15, 1.30 GB, unzip và chạy
(mở file readme.txt cùng thư mục đọc hướng dẫn cài đặt)
Ketnoi24 Environment (RPM), 22.1 MB
(mở file readme_rpm.txt cùng thư mục đọc hướng dẫn cài đặt)
Installing Ketnoi24 Self-hosted
  1. Install OS, CentOS 7.x 64bits
  2. Install Ketnoi24 Environment (Apache, PHP, MySQL, msmtp, Loaders for ionCube Secured Files ...)
  3. Configure web directory
  4. Download source và unzip
  5. Read file readme_rpm.txt on source folder
  6. Go to your browser, access the server and install
  7. Install demo version limit 30 days or activate the license
Install sequence:
# wget
# unzip
# chown apache:apache [source_folder]
Go to your web browser
http[s]://[IP or Domain] for install


ID Product Name NoOfUser Price (usd) Buy
1 KetNoi24 Enterprise 25
- Life-time license key
- 1 year support package
- All features included
25 $100
2 KetNoi24 Enterprise 50
- Life-time license key
- 1 year support package
- All features included
50 $170
3 KetNoi24 Enterprise 100
- Life-time license key
- 1 year support package
- All features included
100 $250
4 KetNoi24 Enterprise 250
- Life-time license key
- 1 year support package
- All features included
250 $500


Get access to dozens of free tools for calendar,
workgroup, support, internal communications and more...

Chat person, group

Realtime chat person or group, check status online, offline


Private personal, company calendars, group calendars

Meeting room booking

Online meeting room booking, support multi room

Social intranet

Intranet and private social network in one


Unlimited workgroups and user groups for your entire organization

CMS News

Cms news support, post all news cate of company to all user

Photo gallary

Photo gallary and ambum upload muti img video

Support ticket

Support ticket, helpdesk, post for all user to IT and more


Webform create multi form for all user

Document management

Personal drive, company drive, workgroup drive

Company strcuture

Buil compnay structure layer structure of company

Poll ans survey

Poll ans survey on social post, workgroup..

AD/Ldap login

AD/Ldap intergate support login and control account from Active Directory..

User: Intranet - Extranet

User intranet and user Extranet support working intrenal and out of your company..


The management system divides work for employees in the company, tracks progress

E-mail marketing

Powerful email marketing software with professional email templates, easy design tools

recruitment management

Recruitment tools and resume management

Product Online selling

Online sales, product management, and orders

Demo Site:

Account login: nn.nguyen / 123456

If you want see control panel of demo please contact to Ketnoi24